After the humans wiped out most of the wolf population in Ireland, the wolves fled to a disclosed location, untouched by the bipedal monsters.
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 Open Woodland

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PostSubject: Open Woodland   Sat Jan 17, 2015 3:21 pm

Open Woodland

Mossy Boulder

This part of the forest is very thin. Here, the trees gradually part from their tight community, and the plentiful undergrowth falls away, melting into a wide expanse of rich green grass. The wildlife? Rather scarce. However, that doesn't mean one wouldn't be able to hear birds singing, or the occasional scuffle or chatter. One would also be able to hear the soft, soothing rush of the stream nearby, a landmark most would follow to access this place. The emptiness here proves to be an ideal spot to sit and relax after a long day of hunting and patrolling, hunt for a rabbit or two, or even browse for herbs. Upon reaching the center, there sits a giant rock, symbolizing the strength of the earth. It is almost pristine, for it hasn't been weathered by the other elements at all, draped in the moss and everlasting blossoms that persist year round. The rock emanates a distinct sense of life; one of the many traits of this wilderness.

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Open Woodland
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