After the humans wiped out most of the wolf population in Ireland, the wolves fled to a disclosed location, untouched by the bipedal monsters.
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 Atizapan's Ridge

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PostSubject: Atizapan's Ridge   Sat Jan 17, 2015 3:30 pm

Atizapan's Ridge

The low ridge of snow-dusted mountains that rise up into Eternal's skyline is thick with evergreen trees and fast-running streams. It's an impressive place and abundant in resources, but not without danger. Bear and cougar both prowl the forest, seeking easy prey. Winter can be particularly harsh at these elevations, but there is shelter for those determined and wise enough to find it. The borders are determined by the rocky outcrops to the north and east, and the end of the woods to the south and west. Evidence of volcanic activity lingers in the scattered basalt and ash-rich soil, but any eruptions took place thousands of years ago; it is unlikely to happen again.

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Atizapan's Ridge
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