After the humans wiped out most of the wolf population in Ireland, the wolves fled to a disclosed location, untouched by the bipedal monsters.
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 ✖Kauai - ♀ - W.I.P

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PostSubject: ✖Kauai - ♀ - W.I.P   Sun Jan 18, 2015 11:39 pm

identification}} Kauai Huang
{ kah - wah - ee ✖ huh - wang }

known as}} Kai, Kau, Hwasa.

gender}} Hwasa is formerly known as a female, and gives off a very feminine vibe.

maturity}} Born on April 30th, 2013, making Hwasa around two years old. She is born under the Taurus star sign, also.

position}} Hwasa is currently an omega, but wishes to be a healer sooner on into her life, though she is only about one year and 6-8 months old, her dreams will have to be pushed aside for a short while.

voice}} Chaerin Lee (click)

height}} Hwasa is around 27⅔ inches, coming off as smaller being.

weight}} Hwasa is around 71 lbs, which makes her roughly 32 kilograms.

eye color}} Hwasa's eyes radiate a beautiful golden honey color followed by black around the outside of her irises. Darker honey colored streaks are scattered around in her irises with a tinge of some burnt sienna.

coat}} reference 1 (click) reference 2 (click) reference 3 (click) reference 4 (click)

scent}} Hwasa smells of sweet flowers from the forests of her homeland, China. She radiates sensual smells of lavender and vanilla to accompany the various scents of the Plum Blossom, Peony, Chrysanthemum, and China rose; which some together to make a beautiful scent. In those few scents, underlies an almost musky smell of Nepal Maple and Catkin Yew.

body build}} Hwasa is a rather- bigger wolf, coming off as an adorable chubby cutie, to her mother, in which she didn't get used to being rather larger then the other wolves. She includes various muscles around her chest and lower body, including her hind legs. She has rather long legs, and an almost average sized body. A long, fluffy tail goes along with her long legs, including a fluffy behind heart.

introduction;; personality}} Hwasa may come off as a shy, naïve female when you first meet her; but in reality she's really just as genuine and loyal as anyone could be. She really doesn't get upset easily, but when she does; whoever made her mad better watch out. If anyone makes her mad on any circumstances, she will become a ball of raging fire. If you want to be her book of good beings and be able to understand her better, do not push her over her limits.
✖Emotionally, she is extremely strong and can survive the most challenging situations and can handle large amounts of stress. She would rather rely on her independence and fortitude than on sympathy and support of others.
✖Speaking of independence, Hwasa knows what is right for her and how to get things done. She is extremely loyal and will stand by you forever if you have earned a place for yourself in her heart. And all they want in return is loyalty. Nature and aesthetic values are important to Hwasa, a beauty-conscious individual. In fact, she is the happiest when in an artistic place or surrounded by places that are good to look at.

introduction;; relationships}} xxxx
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PostSubject: Re: ✖Kauai - ♀ - W.I.P   Wed Jun 03, 2015 3:30 pm

We know that the pack has sort of died, but we would like to notify you that we are bringing it back. c:
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✖Kauai - ♀ - W.I.P
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