After the humans wiped out most of the wolf population in Ireland, the wolves fled to a disclosed location, untouched by the bipedal monsters.
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 New To Roleplay?

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PostSubject: New To Roleplay?   Sat Jan 17, 2015 11:17 am

New To Canine RP?
The Eternal Forest Pack is a linear roleplay. But instead of using dice or stats to play our game, we simply write together. This style of roleplaying is like writing a novel together that's gradually changing and growing. If you've never done this before or want to know what this roleplay is like exactly, check out the roleplaying boards.

 animal roleplay
It tends to be set up a bit differently than other genres you may have roleplayed in before. There is a great importance placed on cooperation between characters. Characters operate in a small space and tighter knit community, usually being part of a pack. The pack is generally run by one or two leaders who make the big decisions and allow newcomers into the pack. Hunts for large game are often performed by at least three or more members in a pack. Lone canines are actually a rarity; they usually band together in packs, as it is much easier to survive that way.
 The Focus of the Game
The focus of this roleplay, and most other similar roleplays, tends to be on character interactions. Rather than exploring the world and fighting dragons, characters usually stay in one place with their pack, or as a loner, and the interesting writing comes from how they interact with others and develop. Characters can make friends, find mates, parent offspring, and even ascend in ranks. Sometimes things go horribly wrong and they even have to murder or betray one another. At Renholdër, we've added some of nature to the mix to encourage even more terrible things happening, because let's face it, the terrible things are one of the main things that make life most interesting!
 The Importance Of Time
Time plays a strong role in animal roleplay because animal life spans generally cap earlier than humans. This means that it is possible to have a character from birth to death, which makes for quite a new and in-depths experience of a character. This roleplay uses what is known as linear time. Linear time means that you can only have one character in one thread at one time; time is undeviating, constant and steady. This allows you to develop your plot and character in a systematic and realistic way—you don't have to guess what's going to happen in thread A to determine how your character feels in thread B. It can be a bit slow and confining, even though time lapses are allowed if everyone agrees. It keeps timelines nice and understandable and as non-confusing as possible, and works well with the not-so-faced-paced feel that it won't be too bothersome. We allow multiple characters, which can compensate for those who want more action. There might not be as much freedoms, but it is respectively secure, and there's little to no worry if you break time and works well with those who just don't work too well with fast-pasted posting.
Seasons are also very important in animal roleplay because it takes place in the wilderness. The species of prey changes throughout each season. Don't worry though! You don't have to memorize any of that because whenever the season changes, an announcement with more information will be posted. Unlike some animal roleplays, we do not run on what is called real time. Real time means that every day out of character is the same as one day in character. We do not use this system because flexible time allows the game to be more relaxed. Time moves much slower in game so that people have a chance to play out their posts and in-game events each season. We will make short announcements each time the season is changed, which marks the time in which characters begin to notice whatever signs of such season.
 How To Get Started
Since you're amazing and read all of that, instead of thinking TL;DR in whatever synonymous form it happened to manifest in your thoughts, we would absolutely love for you to come write with us, even if you've never done it before! Go to our main new member guide page and follow the steps you can find there. Hop into the chat from the main forums; we'd love to help you become familiar with and confident in this roleplay!
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New To Roleplay?
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