After the humans wiped out most of the wolf population in Ireland, the wolves fled to a disclosed location, untouched by the bipedal monsters.
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The Setting
The region the Eternal Forest Pack is based in is a fictional place located in a remote area. The roleplay's realms stretch many miles, it's central area set at the base of a respectively large mountain dubbed the Threshold. The land here is untamed and unforgiving, dominated by nature, the harsh seasons, and land-forms that relentlessly reign there. The climate is temperate and wet. Winters are cold and respectively snowy, but it often feels colder due to the wet climate combined with fierce winds and precipitation. Wolves are masters of survival, but life here is not easy even for the strongest of creatures.

The region can be considered a mix of temperate rainforest and temperate. Coniferous, broadleaf, and various kinds of boreal trees dominate the region's woodland, although some deciduous trees can be found in the lower elevations. These tall, magnificent trees create deep forests, some impassive even to the most agile predators. Within the forests are ferns and high-growing vines that create vast walls and thickets of foliage. The canines can make their rendezvous point in the very heart of this terrain, an area fraught with animal-made pathways and sheltered well from man. The interior hugs the Suture, a river that runs off from the Threshold and cuts through the land on it's way to the sea. The summers are warm and full of rain and storms. They are not too short and not too long, and then give away quickly to autumn's touch of coolness, and then to the wet, snowy white blanket of winter. Often the winters become a bit difficult with a small drop in temperature, and while it is is unable to lock the quick-moving river, it is capable to freeze the runoffs in ice. Still, winter is often a time of plenty for the carnivores in this area because prey is easier to track, and many species of herbivore such as moose, red deer, as well as the smaller roe deer migrate come by this area on their way south for the season. Reindeer might occasionally come down, but they usually stay in the highlands outside and around the Threshold.
The area is full of healthy biodiversity, not heavily affected by the seasons aside from a few species. The canines that live here can prey on nearly anything they can catch, but most large hunts would target roe deer or red deer with the occasional moose. Foxes exist in the shadows, wary of larger predators. Although coyotes do exist here, their number are small and most of them are migrants, as the relatively large wolf population usually keeps their numbers low. Other predators are few, as they have been hunted by man for centuries, but the remote few include lynx, mostly in the northern part, brown bear, sea eagles, and the European viper. Most of the large predators tend to avoid one another, but conflict does exist. The salmon run comes in early summer and is a prime opportunity to take advantage of the bounter. Bears along the river banks closest to the Threshold are much more common fore this time of year, and it would be wise to avoid them.
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